About Us

Publisher with a Social Mission

As an independent, traditional book publisher with a social mission, Kharis Publishing is founded to give voice to underrepresented authors – women, minority, and first-time authors. Like all traditional publishers, there is no out-of-pocket cost to you at any stage. We believe in your story. So, we equip you to tell your story in a way that glorifies God and inspires humanity, at no cost to you through our traditional publishing option. Become a published author today. Publish a book, and demonstrate that you are a trusted voice in your field. Above all, publish a book in obedience to God’s word to you. You don’t need to have a huge platform or national name recognition to become a published author. We take the pain out of traditional publishing. Since it’s early start in Bentonville Arkansas in 2015, Kharis Publishing has grown to become a trusted leader in Christian and inspirational book publishing. Kharis Publishing is an imprint of Kharis Media LLC, now headquartered in Chicagoland.

Literacy Support for at-risk Kids

We also believe in empowering orphans in developing countries with literacy tools. That is why, for each book sold, we channel some of our proceeds into establishing resource centers for orphanages in developing countries, so these kids may learn to read, dream, and grow. Learn about our commitment to literacy empowerment for at-risk kids and orphans in particular. Every time you purchase a book from Kharis, you are giving these kids an amazing opportunity to read, dream, and grow. There are two way to shop and support Kharis publishing: the first way is to shop directly from the Kharis Shop now; and the second way is to buy Kharis books from Amazon.com.


For a limited time, we are accepting unsolicited submissions (Christian nonfiction). As a leading Christian and inspirational publisher, Kharis Publishing wants to help you publish the word God gave you. According to Psalm 68:11, “God gave the word: great was the company of those that publish it” (KJV). There is a message in your heart for the world. It’s time to share it. We are currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts in nonfiction, including, Christian faith, memoir, self-help, health and wellness. Women, minority writers, and first-time authors are encouraged to submit query. To submit query, you must follow these two simple steps:

  1. Read submission guidelines carefully. The first step in the process is to send us a query about your book project. If we are interested in your work, we will request a full proposal. Please DO NOT send your full manuscript until one of our acquisition editors specifically asks for it. Serious writers only. Your manuscript must have received initial professional editing and be polished before it gets to us.
  2. Click here to submit your query.

Publishing Partnership

Our dedication to giving voice to under-represented authors, including first-time authors, means that publishing your book has to be a partnership between you and Kharis. We expect all authors to demonstrate some commitment to their project. We do not work with authors who do not have any stakes in their projects. Like all traditional publishers, there is no out-of-pocket cost to you at any stage. Editing, printing, and distribution? Yes, all on us, as it should be. We believe in your story. So, we empower you to tell your story in a way that glorifies God and inspires humanity, at no cost to you. However, we often require that authors demonstrate a strong belief in their message by committing to purchase some copies of their book during the initial press run, at a 50% discount off the cover price. These copies belong to the author and are expected to be used by the author any way she sees fit. We also expect authors to participate actively in promoting their books in synergy with the publisher’s efforts. Kharis is aiming to be a good steward to God in faithfully carrying out our mission, as well as remaining economically viable for the sake of those to whom we are called to serve.

Are you tired of submitting to the big publishers (and their agents) – Hachette, HarperCollins, Simon and Schuster, Macmillan, Penguine Books, WW Norton – and getting turned down each time? Kharis Publishing can help – the Word in you doesn’t have to be held back. Burned by unprofessional and predatory practices of some self-publishing platforms out there? Kharis offers a traditional option that gives you peace of mind. Stressed about navigating kindle direct publishing, kdp select, and all the other options from Amazon books? Kharis Publishing can save you all that stress, and free you to focus on writing your story and running your busy life.

Understand what drives us as a publishing house

We want to hear about the word God put in your heart. Send query, you just never know.