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Favorite audiobooks podcasts

Favorite Audiobooks podcasts

In the last few months, Kharis Publishing has produced several audiobooks and they currently selling on different marketplaces like Amazon, Audible ACX, etc.

Want to find some of the best audiobook podcasts out there today? stick to this article.

1. Finding God, Finding Me: How I Met God As An Ordinary Teenager

Finding God, Finding Me tells the powerful testimony of an ordinary, sixteen-year-old girl whose life changes after encountering God. This book is a window into her fears, struggles, and insecurities as a high schooler, and how God helped her find her identity, confidence, and so much more. Being a teenager herself, Izzy knows first-hand the challenges facing today’s teenagers. She wants to use her transformation story to inspire and convict others to want to begin their journey of finding Christ – and ultimately find themselves in the process.

Listen and download the full Audiobook HERE!

2. Stop Shoulding All Over Yourself: Making the Journey from Condemnation to Compassion

Every one of us struggles with faulty ways of thinking that lead to our emotional health damage and damage our relationships with others, along with our spiritual growth and development. One of the most toxic and destructive ways we view reality is to think in terms of how things should be or shouldn’t be, something that keeps us from accepting the difficult things that come our way and coping with them properly.

Listen and download the full Audiobook HERE!

3. A Single Day of Peace: An Inspirational Novel Revealing 50 Principles That Can Transform Your Life

This inspirational novel was written to help people achieve a more happy and successful life while better connecting to their spirituality. To provide direction for anyone that is seeking self-improvement, growth, motivation, and more fulfillment from life.

Listen and download the full Audiobook HERE!
4. Bite-Size Devotions for the Busy Christian

These devotions (80 in total) are based on the format laid out in my blog ( Each one is between 450-600 words. For those who want to linger longer, there are suggested prayers

Listen and download the full Audiobook HERE!
5. Back from Death’s Doorstep: A Story of Faith & Overcoming the Odds

This book is about faith and hope. The old-fashioned kind of faith we have almost forgotten. Benji Evans had only been married a few years when he began a long and dark path of illness. Most people would have given up, but not Benji and his family.

Listen and download the full Audiobook HERE!
6. Moderation Is Key: A Good Balance for a Healthy Lifestyle 

Moderation Is Key is like no other book before it in this area. It is simple and gives a lot of insights, made available in one place. It is a very comprehensive manual.

Listen and download the full Audiobook HERE!
7. Emmanuel: Satisfying the Thirsty Soul

Emmanuel: Satisfying the Thirsty Soul – “Makes a Great Bible Study” – is an uplifting educational book to help the listener understand the complexities of the Bible, and apply them to their daily life. 

Listen and download the full Audiobook HERE!
8. The Making of a Godly Warrior: Through Relentless Obedience

True personal stories reveal the truth of God’s word, the importance of understanding it, and the spiritual progress accomplished by actually doing it. 

Listen and download the full Audiobook HERE!
9. The Trail to Eternity: Come Along for the Ride with Jesus as Our Trail Guide

This book is written in a devotional style and is for anyone struggling to find their place and purpose in life. Sharing some of the lessons that God has taught me through my horses and the scriptures in overcoming my struggles, I attempt to take the listener along with me on an imaginary trail ride to talk together about the struggles we may share.

Listen and download the full Audiobook HERE!
10. Once There Was a Girl: A Memoir

Once There Was a Girl is the poignant true story of Wendy, a young black woman struggling to grow up in a housing project in New Orleans. Facing abject poverty, rampant crime, and formidable challenges, she believes against all hope that she will somehow survive. 

Listen and download the full Audiobook HERE!

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