Forever Unforgiveable

Michael: I trusted you with the secret of my company as my bestfriend and you go behind me to reveal it to my biggest competitor?

Louis: I am so sorry bro. That was never my intention. I was in a heated argument with Samuel and within a split of a second, I lashed out your secret in anger.

Michael: There is no excuse for what you did Louis. Now the success of my company is on the line. As long as I breathe, I will never forgive you.

Louis: I am very sorry bro, I was just trying to…

Michael: Save your breathe, no amount of words can undo the damage you have brought

You’ve been hurt so badly that you think you can’t find a place in your heart to forgive the person right? Don’t worry I truly get it. You trusted the person only for your trust to be abused.

But you should know as long as you continue to hold it against the person, you have held the person hostage in your heart. Not only will the person be suffering but you cannot heal if you don’t forgive and your heart will ache.

“But what the person did hurts so badly, he doesn’t deserve forgiveness” You may be right. Neither did you but God forgave you anyway.

You see we are in an eternal debt for our disobedience for which the penalty is death. He still gave His only son and forgave and drew us back to Himself.

You are badly hurt and I get you but as long as you do not forgive, God won’t also forgive your sins (And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive them that trespass against us…)

Read more on forgiveness as Brent James writes on Forever Unforgivable:Learning to forgive the inexcusable for Christ’s sake. You can get a copy Here

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A little about the book

Forever Unforgivable considers the atrocious lives of fifteen men and women around the world, spanning from the time of Jesus to the present.  Today’s “never forgive” environment calls on people to shun men and women merely accused of inappropriate behavior, much less convicted of it.  This might be a “new norm,” yet Christians have always had to deal with this question.  Forever Unforgivable poses the continuing questions: “Should the church be different? Are we willing to forgive, accept, and welcome formerly wicked people after they come to faith in Jesus Christ?”  What would be your response if you met any of these fifteen formerly depraved individuals?

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