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Orphanage Support

A Better Future

Just because someone is an orphan today doesn’t mean his or her future has to be limited to mediocrity. We believe that vulnerable children, especially orphans in developing countries, need to be empowered with literacy tools. Therefore, at Kharis Publishing, we equip orphans with literacy materials (books and computers), so these amazing kids may learn to read, dream, and grow. That is why, for each book sold, we deploy a portion of our proceeds to establish resource centers for orphanages in developing countries. This sets us apart as a leading publishing house within the social enterprise space; a distinction for which we are both humbled and thankful. Every time you purchase a book from Kharis Publishing or partner as an author, you are helping give these kids an amazing opportunity to read, dream, and grow. We have already supplied a few orphanages with resources – Grace Orphanage and Rescue Foundation, Raco Orphanage in Lagos, Nigeria; and SOS Orphanage in Telma, Ghana. The pictures shown on this page are from some of these centers. We are looking forward to equipping other centers with laptops and books through your generous support (in purchasing Kharis products).

“We are able to pursue this incredible mission because we have developed an innovative system that leverages the traditional publishing model in a way that is guaranteed to continue to benefit our authors, readers, and the orphans, for years to come.”

Watch the 1-minute video clip to learn what drives us!

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