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By Grace Alone

Author: Craig Ireland


By Grace Alone: A Heartfelt Word with Those Seeking Salvation by the Lord Jesus Christ

“All of Grace” was written by Charles Spurgeon and has been dearly loved and embraced by generations since its first release in 1885.  More importantly, God has used this book to draw tens of thousands of people to embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Spurgeon’s “All of Grace” was his attempt at writing a small and accessible book engaging unbelievers with the claims of Jesus. This book you now hold is a humble attempt to give Spurgeon’s original work a new lease on life. This revision is not an attempt to improve Spurgeon’s airtight logic, his incisive argumentation, or the flow of his thought. This revision attempts to modernize some of the antiquated language and sentence structure. It is more than just a gospel presentation; it has biblical wisdom and encouragement for all believers. Because of its significant impact, this book deserves a fresh lease on life and demands to be thrust back into widespread circulation. This revision is a humble attempt to realize that goal.

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By Grace Alone: A Heartfelt Word with Those Seeking Salvation by the Lord Jesus Christ

Praise For By Grace Alone

I love Charles Spurgeon. I’ve often said that he would be quotable even if he talked in his sleep. You are going to love this publication.

Ray Comfort The Founder and CEO of Living Waters and a bestselling author who has written over 100 books. He cohosts the award-winning television program Way of the Master, airing in every country worldwide


God’s sovereign, unmerited grace is what Charles H. Spurgeon delighted in and loved to extol in every sermon, book, and conversation. The heart of Spurgeon’s All of Grace is the wonder of grace being lavished upon undeserved sinners and how it can be appropriated to transform our lives. Craig Ireland has done us an excellent service in releasing By Grace Alone, a revised and updated edition of Spurgeon’s classic work. I pray that this work will cause a new generation to be reminded of and rediscover the wonder of God’s grace to us in Christ.

Dr. Dustin Benge Associate Professor of Biblical Spirituality and Historical Theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY


“By Grace Alone” is an excellent update of a classic by Charles H. Spurgeon, “All of Grace.” In gently revising this classic, Craig Ireland has skillfully prepared this cherished manuscript to impact new generations for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I heartily recommend this book. Christians can use it to understand better and communicate the Gospel by which they have been saved. Yes, this book will help those who doubt their salvation to find bold assurance based on the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross. More directly, “By Grace Alone” is written with a lost audience in mind. I encourage Christians to purchase many copies of this book and to give them to lost souls in their sphere of influence. May new generations be impacted by Spurgeon’s expert communication of the Gospel of the grace of God.

Dr. Thomas P. Johnston Senior Professor of Evangelism, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary


Grace is the divine term that magnifies God’s mercy, love, and goodness, pummels man’s pride and arrogance and comforts the saint in his deepest sorrows. Since the days of Spurgeon, this classic has encouraged God’s people to bow the knee in humble reverence to this great theme. This modernized edition is a blessing in our day to those who need a reminder, in the midst of the world’s man-centeredness, that it truly is “all of grace.”

Dr. James White Director of Alpha & Omega Ministries and Elder at Apologia Church Arizona

In his introduction to “All of Grace,” Charles Spurgeon expressed his desire for all who read his little book to find peace. Today, we still need peace. The world is still in trouble, and we all need peace with God. I commend this book to all those who are peace seekers.

Rev. Josh Williamson (BMin, GradDipTh)

Pastor / Evangelist

Author Bio:

Craig Ireland was born in Sydney, Australia, and now resides in Rochester, New York. He is married to Katarina, and they have four children. Craig has earned both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Theology and is currently working on his Ph.D.

Craig has served in various ministry roles over the past twenty years. From Church planting, church revitalization, and serving several congregations as Senior Pastor. Craig has also conducted and taught extensively in pastoral training seminars and conferences worldwide, resourcing tens of thousands of church planters among unreached people groups.


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By Grace Alone