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Jungle Prophet

Author: Sharon R. Swan


Jungle Prophet

Book Summary:

“He must rule – or darkness will.”

Swing to new heights through the breath-taking Amazon Rainforest with Rhett, the fun-loving kinkajou, and Giran, a lonely jaguar.

Rhett doubts his calling as the next Prophet of Sanchia. Why would the Sovereign choose an insignificant kinkajou?

Giran doesn’t care about dominance – he craves love, family, and the forgiveness that only the Sovereign can provide.

When Prophet Saloma, a wizened sloth, announces her retirement, the unlikely friends find themselves rivals in an election that will decide the fate of Sanchia.

Will they recognize and trust the Sovereign’s plan in time to stop power-crazed Tirgato and keep Sanchia from slipping into darkness?

Narnia meets The Jungle Book in a whimsical tale of friendship and faithfulness.

Author Summary

Sharon is …

a dreamer,

a lover of all good stories, and …

a devoted follower of Jesus Christ.

She is blessed with an encouraging husband, Marty, and four amazing kids. Together, they homeschool, enjoy youth groups, and dream of exotic vacations. Sharon writes, not only as a means of escape to a quiet attic but to share stories that show off God’s character and draw readers closer to Him.

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Praises for Jungle Prophet

We lived in the Amazon Basin in eastern Ecuador as Journeymen missionaries long ago and Jungle Prophet was a warm reminder of the rain forest and the habitat of the jungle.
Join the journey of the wise Saloma and shudder over the evil plans of the wicked Tirgato in the jungle region of Sanchia. Walk with Rhett as he struggles with self-doubt and as he asks himself, “Can I really become what the Sovereign wants me to be?” Struggle with Giran as he battles his problem with anger and confronts the lies he has been told all his life.
The reader will identify with the characters’ flaws and with their struggles as he or she learns about forgiveness and second chances in life. I heartily recommend this action-packed tale of good and evil, and of despair and hope to any child who wants to live an amazing adventure and to see good overcome wrong. Enjoy this amazing journey that is definitely worth taking!
─Gary Stone: Missionary and Author of What If Everyone Lived Next Door To JESUS? and JESUS In the Dark

In her book, Jungle Prophet, Sharon Swan creates an enthralling story that will allow youth to not only enjoy the heartwarming tale of these jungle animals but also to form their own parallels and connections to the Christian Faith.
Jungle Prophet is a great book for youth readers and will also serve as an excellent resource for faith-based educators that desire to reinforce Christian values and promote the critical thinking skills that are so imperative at this age. The creative story and relatable characters will also allow for self-reflection and healthy conversation regarding many of the challenges children and youth face in our world today.
─Dr. Caleb Murray, D.O.: Pediatrician, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, Miami, Fl.

Jungle Prophet is a brilliant story that deals with so many issues of life: fear and doubt, faith and confidence, selfishness, anger, deception, friendship, forgiveness, love, and truth. Swan’s use of the Amazon Rainforest setting and unique animals adds to the reader’s imagination and delight. The allegorical nature of the story provides a plethora of topics for discussion. Swan’s vibrant details and theological considerations are remarkable. The way that truth and justice prevail in the end is encouraging. I thoroughly enjoyed Jungle Prophet and can highly recommend it to others.
─Dr. Harold Best: Pastor and President of the Kentucky Baptist Convention


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Jungle Prophet