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Author: K. J. Morris


Messages in Nature did not evolve from social realism, but draws heavily on the workings of nature, the whispers from rustling scrubs, the smudge of crags on the horizon, the soft music of water falls – all awe-inspiring, and inadvertently culminating in passionate and uplifting messages. A reprieve from the hassles of daily life, each page sizzles with love and hope. This book is a truth fiercely told, with a lovely and authentic linguistic lilt, and speaks to everyone regardless of their race, gender, background, or social stratum. There is a word in here for the grounded Christian and the newbie, people who have had a personal revelation of who God is and people looking to know him, naturalists and those indifferent – even oblivious – to the wonders of nature; through the eyes of the narrator, we experience firsthand the omnipresence of God, expressed in nature, and the interminable energy binding us all to Him.

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MESSAGES IN NATURE – Katy’s love affair with the natural world is a hangover from her childhood. She grew up on 65 acres in the woods of Maine. The unbridled brilliance of her environment deepened her interest in nature and, by extension, her social acuity, as she came to realize how rigidly intertwined the natural and social world is, how each influences and complements the other.
Katy hikes and gardens, fully immersing herself in this keenness on nature, exploring it, owning it, and by doing so, maintaining an enduring connectedness with the creator.
Recently, she has taken to traveling, and keeps on witnessing God’s might in the diversity that abounds in nature all over the earth, a phenomenon that collided with her pen and birthed this book, “Messages in Nature.”

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