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Not in the FIRE

Author: Barbara Austin


Not in the FIRE: Discovering God’s will in a Gentle Silence

Book Description

Known as “the feisty one,” young Barbara will do whatever it takes to protect herself and her younger siblings from the predators in their lives. Her experiences are extraordinary, from countless nights sleeping under a claw foot tub to evade her abuser to witnessing the burning of an interracial couple. Though she was the self-appointed protector of her mother from various abusers, those lessons were not always applied as she pursued her own adult relationships. Yet even when she experienced defeat and despair, she learned she was never defeated. Not In The Fire is for anyone tempted to doubt their usefulness and ability to carry on. Journey with Barbara as she finds that God is not in the fiery events in her life, but in a gentle, silent voice.

Author biography

Barbara Austin grew up in the green mountains of Vermont and currently lives in rural Massachusetts with her daughters Tonna, Mary, Taylor and Rachel. She has held numerous positions in her local church, including organizing a monthly women’s breakfast, and some of her career pursuits have included children’s librarian, personal care attendant, orphanage custodian, nanny, and carhop. Her home has been the site of day care for the elderly, children’s daycare, and a bed and breakfast. She remains steadfast as an active listener to the “still small voice” that prompts her responses to the need around her.

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Christian Self-help, Inspirational, Memoir


Kindle Book, Paperback

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Praises For Not in the FIRE

This is a book I could not put down when I started to read. After each chapter I keep asking, ‘What is happening next to the characters involved?’ As a pastor for over 50 years and dealing with many hurting families suffering from physical, verbal, and emotional abuse, the main character in this story is so typical of individuals and families we work with today in pastoral ministry. Author Barbara Austin shares how her faith in the Lord Jesus for daily sustaining help, healing and hope brought her to a better life. Believe me, once you start to read this book, you won’t want to put it down.
─Pastor David Levandusky, Living Waters Assembly of God, Greenfield, MA., Author of the current third edition of the popular book titled, “The Last Eleven Days of Jesus. Countdown to Passover,Crucifixion and Resurrection. A scholarly resource showing the most accurate Four Gospel Harmony and Chronological order of Jesus Last Eleven Days.”

In “Not In The Fire,” Barbara Austin opens her heart and shares a devastating account of the unimaginable violence, abuse and injury she has witnessed and endured. But it’s also the story of how God can redeem any situation, no matter how heartbreaking, through simple faith and obedience. “Not In The Fire” will be an encouragement for anyone looking for hope and a path to overcoming life’s challenges.
─David Rhenow, weekday morning host at Life Changing Radio, WSDK, Hartford, CT; former missionary with Trans World Radio on the island of Guam.

Barbara Austin has been a friend for more than twenty-five years. Her life story reads like a Greek tragedy and a tale of suffering patience. I am familiar with the still small voice that speaks to her in her darkest most desperate moments. Her trust in Christ has seen her through events and experiences that would have broken the bravest hearts. I encourage you to read Barbara’s story, to hear her share the struggles she endured and to listen for that voice yourself.
Rev. Charles Tyree, pastor for 44 years (now in Norwich, CT), author “James: The Righteous Life That God Desires,” and police chaplain.


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Not in the FIRE