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Author: Michael J. Heil


Pursued: God’s relentless pursuit and a drug addict’s journey to finding purpose

We had lit a forest on fire…

We were stoned out of our senses…

My sister was calling 9-1-1…

As I watched the flames dance across the twilight sky, consuming everything in their path, I realized they represented my life. In my pursuit of pleasure and partying, I had ignited an addiction worse than any forest fire. After five arrests, a dozen allegations, a v-squad of cop cars chasing me down center street, and years of worshipping all the wrong things led me to the brink of death, I finally found hope in life. This is a story of how the initially enthralling and sometimes humorous pursuits of drugs, sex, and success cannot satisfy in the way that they promise, but there is One who can.


Saved from the clutches of addiction and from near-death, Michael has traveled to and shared his remarkable story in over 35 countries. With an unquenchable passion to support anyone facing addiction, homelessness, helplessness, depression, suicide or lack of purpose he has volunteered in jails, rehabs, detention centers, churches, and schools. Michael received his Master’s degree in Intercultural Studies and Community Development from Wheaton College.

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Hardcover, Kindle Book, Paperback

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Pursued: God’s relentless pursuit and a drug addict’s journey to finding purpose

Michael Heil’s book is the best example of God’s effectual calling of anyone I have met or heard about. In spite of Michael’s resisting God’s love and grace with his rebellion and seeking meaning & purpose in life through all the ways the world offers, our Heavenly Father reached down and marvelously saved Michael. This book is a modern-day story of the prodigal son. It will capture your heart as you see the steadfast love of our Lord Jesus overcoming all of Michael’s resistance and claiming Michael for His own. In this book we see the beauty of the heart of Jesus as His love & grace are greater than all our sin—no matter the depths of sin to which we have descended. Michael’s book will encourage anyone who is seeking real meaning & purpose in life to turn to Jesus and find what matters most in life—life eternal. I highly recommend this book for those who already know Jesus & those seeking Him.

James Stewart, South Region Coordinator for Evangelism Explosion International

Every now and then, The Lord raises up a Nehemiah. He has been preparing him to lead a great work. Often these servants have experiences that are there to prepare them for a great work. I believe that’s what the Lord has done with Brother Michael Heil. His story is very powerful & compelling, redemption at its best. What a tangible example of the blessing of responding to God’s call on one’s life.

Pastor Dewayne Rembert, Founder of Flatline Movement

Mike Heil’s memoir tells us a real-life, modern-day retelling of the Prodigal Son parable. The details of his life describe how the wayward human mind can move away from God’s loving and caring, beautiful plans for each of us. As with the original Prodigal Son, the blessings of living in the Father’s house eventually makes every prodigal child wonder why they are not living under God’s will for their lives. It is delightful to see the changes in a spiritually, physically, and emotionally transformed life by the love and lordship of Jesus Christ.

Harold Viana, Youth With A Mission Asia and Pacific Region


This book is vulnerable, extensive, articulate, and engaging through invigorating and adventurous personal experiences that help the reader to see the redemptive power of the living God. Through the writers journey I was reminded how God pays attention to every detail of our lives and will use it to reveal his glory. I was taken on a journey of tears, laughter and raw truth.

I recommend this book to youth pastors, leaders and missionaries. And anyone who struggles to see the power of God at work.

Mpumi Maweni, Director of Mobilization, Operation Mobilization, Canada


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