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Shine Your Light

Author: Courtney Lee Simpson


What if you reached other children you haven’t met sharing a simple phrase your mother taught you? What if everyone listened and shared those words? Wouldn’t the world be a better place? In Shine Your Light, Shaun has moved to a new school and is afraid to walk inside for the first time. He’s afraid he won’t make any friends, but his mother helps him overcome his fear by reminding him of a simple phrase. In his heart, he knows to share this phrase with others and knows it can help others the same way it helped him. Did this simple phrase touch others? Did it change lives?

  • Special phrase his mother taught him
  • Listened and shared
  • Helped others the same way it helped him
  • Touched others
  • Changed lives

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Author Profile

Courtney Lee Simpson loves to write, whether it is children’s books like Shine Your Light, or screenplays for the faith-based films she also produces and in which she performs. Born and raised outside Knoxville, TN, Courtney is a special education teacher who loves every moment working with her students. Whether writing, producing, or performing, Courtney’s focus is spreading the love of Jesus.



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Shine Your Light

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