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Standing for God in America

Author: Lynn S. Wogamon


How Christians Can Make a Difference in Today’s Society

America is in crisis and we face many challenges, including racial unrest, immigration concerns, and political division, and many Christians are asking what they can do to make a difference in the midst of this confusion. Standing for God in America presents biblical answers to the issues affecting America today:

  • Without a clear understanding of God’s Word, we try to solve problems in our own wisdom, yet the Bible tells us man’s wisdom is foolishness.
  • To experience God’s blessings, we must arm ourselves with His truth and have a clear plan for how to effect change while representing Christ to others.
  • There are many ways Christians can become involved in their communities and across the nation to make an impact for God.

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Author Profile

Born into a strong Christian family, Lynn Wogamon has known and loved Jesus for as long as she can remember. A wife, mother, and grandmother, Dr. Wogamon recognizes the importance of strong families. In her work as a school psychologist, she finds joy in helping children succeed both at home and school. She loves serving in her church and is optimistic that God has great plans for America’s future!

Praise For Standing for God in America

If you are a seasoned follower of Jesus Christ, or a new believer, this book is an enlightening reminder that as Christians we are all called to make a difference. Lynn uses the power and truth of God’s Word to guide us to a better understanding so that we will be equipped and motivated to make a stand for God in our families and communities. Through her writing it is evident that Lynn loves to spend time with the Lord and studying his word.

Darcy Turner Med, Elementary Principal, Faith Christian School Summerville, SC

Many Americans believe that our country is in the midst of a moral crisis! It is not only obvious to Christians, but to people of other faith groups, as well. There is no question in the mind of many Americans that our nation is headed in the wrong direction, morally, spiritually, and socially. But the question is: Can we do anything about it? Is there hope that we return to the fundamental Judeo Christian principles on which our nation was founded?

This book offers us hope. It is an encouraging read, but a challenging one, as well. It will take the same kind of effort that built our nation to restore our nation. I recommend this book for anyone who wants to see things change for the better and are willing to work to make it happen.

Stan Cruse, Pastor, Fellowship of Oakbrook, Retired Army Chaplain (Maj)

Lynn’s book is a comprehensive coverage of the major challenges we face as Christians in our modern world and provides the Biblical foundation we need to apply our faith to each challenge. This thought- provoking book is invaluable for all Christ-followers and all who are interested in living aligned with God’s Word.

Mark Wise, Esq., Charlotte O. Wise, CAPT, JAGC, USN, Retired



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Standing for God in America

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