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The God Who Blesses

Author: Gordon S Jackson


The God Who Blesses: 50 Reflections on Blessings and Blessedness is a fresh, imaginative look at a concept that is paradoxically familiar yet also little understood by Christians. Written for the thoughtful lay person, The God Who Blesses explores the who, what, where, when, why and how of blessings, emphasizing their rootedness in God’s grace. Included are various case studies of blessing in Scripture. The book also addresses how we trivialize the concept of blessing, when we say things like “bless my cotton socks.”
Until now, the few books on blessing have taken a scholarly or academic approach. The God Who Blesses instead offers an accessible approach to an important but largely unexamined aspect of our faith.

What Others Say About this Book:

When working alongside youth and volunteers, I frequently find myself using the word bless—but what do I really mean? In his approachable work, Dr. Jackson took me on a journey to find a more accurate and thoughtful understanding and application of blessing, one that both protects me from a superstitious, compulsive, or guilt-based use, and brings me closer to a reverent, flourishing, and dynamic praxis. In doing so, he has allowed me to more fully embrace God’s creativity and provision, prompting me to ask what I can do in response and how I can share this with others in my life—for which I am deeply grateful.
Erik Brucker, Area Director, Young Life International, Central London, EnglandThe words bless and blessings roll easily off our tongues. But how many of us truly understand their rich meanings? Gordon Jackson leads us on a trail of discovery through the Bible and places us in real life situations where we can apply what we have learnt. Here is a much needed, readable book certain to enrich the lives of ordinary Christians.
Malcolm de Kock, Pastor Emeritus, Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern AfricaGordon Jackson’s short book on The God Who Blesses is a treasure. He explores the deep meanings of blessing in the Bible and draws out their practical significance today. He addresses different misconceptions about God’s blessing (such as the “prosperity Gospel”) and cautions against trivialized and self-serving notions about blessings. In fifty short and pithy chapters, The God Who Blesses offers much food for reflection, and provocative material for small-group study.
Leslie P. Fairfield, Professor Emeritus of Church History, Trinity School for Ministry, Ambridge, PA.Gordon Jackson brings sharp clarity and depth to the vastly misused concept of “blessing” in our world today, and invites us on a delightful journey into a profoundly important facet of God’s love for us in very real and tangible ways.
Randy Larsen, Recruitment and Mobilization, Engineering Ministries InternationalGordon Jackson’s reflections on blessings from God and the state of blessedness are thoughtful, challenging and encouraging. His wit and wisdom come through in this delightful commentary, providing thoughtful insights into this often-over-looked aspect of the journey of Christian faith. I wholeheartedly recommend this book!
Krisi Sonneland, Spiritual Director & Staff Chaplain, Camp Spalding, Newport, WA

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Christian Living, Christian Self-help, Personal Growth, Spiritual Growth


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The God Who Blesses: 50 Reflections on Blessings and Blessedness by Gordon S. Jackson

About the Author:

Gordon S. Jackson is a South-African born educator and author. He grew up in Cape Town and received his undergraduate education in South Africa. After working as a journalist in Johannesburg, he completed his doctorate at Indiana University. He then taught journalism at Whitworth University, in Spokane, WA, for 32 years before retiring in 2015.
The God Who Blesses: 50 Reflections on Blessing and Blessedness is his eighteenth book.


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The God Who Blesses

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