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Under the Broom Tree

Author: B. E. Matthews


The nurturing of a devoted parent, the kindness of a closest friend, and the loving heart of an often-misunderstood Father…all were the things Elijah, the greatest prophet of the Old Testament, found in his weakest moment when lying under a broom tree. Though he’d performed extraordinary miracles and offered faith-filled prayers, anxiety and depression drove him to a place where he asked God to end his life. Elijah’s story was much like our own because he was an ordinary person, just like you and me.

  • Discover God’s extraordinary, sustaining love that is specifically for you.
  • Find the answer to what is at the core of today’s identity issues.
  • Conquer difficulty in forgiving others.
  • Learn to love the way God uniquely made you, flaws and all.

Written by a board-certified pediatrician with almost 20 years of clinical experience, Under The Broom Tree explores the mental health epidemic of this generation with fearless faith, openhearted honesty, and refreshing transparency.
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Author Bio:

Dr. Beena Wilkins, who writes under the pen name B. E. Mathews, is a graduate of The University of Texas Medical Branch and completed her pediatric residency training at The University of California at Irvine. She is a board-certified pediatrician with almost two decades of dedication to the well-being of children and adolescents. In her debut book, Under The Broom Tree, she offers a fresh perspective regarding current mental health issues and shares her own soul-searching story about growing up in a hushed, closed-off Indian culture. She uses the life of Elijah, the greatest prophet of the Old Testament, as a powerful example of the common, fallible humanity in all of us. She is a Texas girl at heart, but currently resides in Florida with her husband and sons.

Praise for Under the Broom Tree

B.E Mathews deftly spins a wonderful and thought-provoking short story that bridges the Old Testament with the modern day world, showing once again that the Bible and God’s teachings transcend time and societal values. Under the Broom Tree will have you re-examine your faith and everything you thought to be true with insightful and delicious short stories of a woman coming to age in a culture that misplaces its values of what true beauty is. ─Julia Mathew, MSN

This book is for anyone who has ever felt lost, insecure, rejected or just plain tired. B.E. Matthews is raw and engaging, honestly sharing her own challenges and experiences by impactfully using the life of Elijah as a reference tool. She reminds us that when we feel dejected, divine comfort is always available by seeking God as our first source of refuge. She shows us how much we can accomplish if we search for blessings in the midst of our greatest trials and how much we can grow if we treat our “thorns” as gifts. Whether you are on top of a mountain, or in a deep valley, this book is for you! S.P. Spengler, ESQ


This compelling parallel between the lives of the author and Elijah makes an intriguing reference for anyone experiencing the trials of life. Far more than a testimonial, Under the Broom Tree is full transparency. It cuts to the heart of the matters: insecurity, rejection, and loss. Down to earth; written for the ordinary person.

As a Christian, I personally recommend this book as a reminder that we all, like Elijah, struggle with the issues of life.

As a counseling professional, I recommend this book as a reference for overcoming adversities in life. Dora B. Mays, Ph.D. Founder/CEO and Practitioner, AMaysing Services, Inc.

I have known Dr. Beena Mathews for several years. She is a fairly private person, more concerned with knowing the stories of others than in having her own known.  So, in reading her book, I was both surprised and inspired by the stories she shared. As I was reading, I found myself repeatedly valuing the courage and vulnerability Dr. Mathews displays in her writing.

I wholeheartedly recommend her book to you, not because it will necessarily make you feel good, but because I believe it will make you more aware. For those who find themselves “under the broom tree,” you will be more aware of God’s love, care, and provision for you. For those who are not in such a season, I hope this book will help you be more aware of the those who are, the struggles they often silently face, and motivate all of us to be more empathetic and supportive. Rev. Bruce Blagg, Pastor, President & Co-founder Phoenix Advantage, Inc.


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Under the Broom Tree

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