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Your Journey to Truth: A Practical, Biblical Study Guide to Spiritual & Physical Wholeness

Author: Denise White



Denise White is a baptized, spirit-filled believer who has been healed and delivered. She has been transformed by God’s healing power and is living a faith-filled life.

Denise is a teacher of biblical principles that bring light to the afflicted body, mind, and soul. Denise has completed biblical counseling training and deliverance training. Her “Called to Truth” journey has been a revelation of truth bringing her peace and wholeness.

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Your Journey to Truth is the second book in the “Called to Truth” series. It is a study guide to accompany Called to Truth – A practical, biblical guide to spiritual & physical wholeness. This study guide goes chapter by chapter following Called to Truth. After reading a chapter in Called to Truth and working through the corresponding chapter in Your Journey to Truth, you will be better equipped to apply these spiritual principles to your life and experience the complete freedom that God designed with you in mind.

The study guide is a practical, biblical guide to uncover and reject the lies that steal your peace and destiny. For example, you will learn how to bring breakthrough to your family tree, to relationships, and to healing your soul.

This study guide will:

  • Teach biblical principles that lead you to revelation and victorious breakthrough.
  • Expose the lies that the world, sin, and Satan use to steal your destiny.
  • Feed you with spiritual truth to receive your healing and deliverance from an afflicted body, mind, and soul.
  • Provide you with tools to prepare a spiritual battle plan to overcome obstacles in your life.
  • Equip you with tools to remove the destructive patterns in your life and receive a spiritual feast of truth to walk out your God given destiny.
  • Reveal the love of Jesus Christ as you seek the LORD with all your heart.


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Your Journey to Truth: A Practical, Biblical Study Guide to Spiritual & Physical Wholeness