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Many people are grappling with difficult challenges that appear to defer solutions in their lives.  One can solve one’s problems and achieve great success in all aspects of life if God grants one revelation.

I am very grateful to God for leading me to submit my manuscript titled ‘And The Lord Opened Her Eyes’ to Kharis Publishing. Working with Kharis Publishing was very exciting throughout the project. The publisher was very transparent and friendly from the onset. His team worked conscientiously, acknowledging my emails promptly and involving me in every stage of the project. In addition, I am satisfied with the team spirit displayed by the company. The team accommodated my views and made wonderful contributions to improve the quality of the work.

I look forward to submitting another book to the company.

Jonah Agunwamba

Author: And The Lord Opened Her Eyes

Working with Kharis was a pleasure. ! I am very grateful that they helped me fulfill my dream.
Helped me to give light to my book: Blue House. Ten years on the way home.
Exactly what I want and how I imagined, even better !
I am immensely grateful to them, working in a team with them is the work of like-minded people.
Everyone understands each other, everything is on time, emails are answered right away.
In the end the job is done excellently !

Veronica Braila

Author: Blue House

“I am so thankful to the Kharis Publishing team for giving me the gracious opportunity to publish my first book, Odd Moms Out. It has been a joy to share this written resource with others to continue to spread the good news of God’s redemptive grace. The staff at Kharis have been so kind, helpful, professional, and patient with me as a new author, thus supporting and enabling me to walk through this unfamiliar process from start to finish with confidence, progress, and excitement.”

Tamar Miller

Author: Odd Moms Out

As an Author who has seen both the good and bad side of the publishing world, I am here to tell you that Kharis Publishing is a breath of fresh air for me as a Christian. They are very professional in their dealing with their authors and are passionate about serving and pleasing God.

R. Tyler Scott


As a first-time author with a desire to share my thoughts on a reimagined and important vision of missional leadership to a wider audience, Kharis Publishing was a great blessing to work with. They gave me my first opportunity to be a published author, they walked with me through the process very patiently, and they bent over backwards to answer my questions and concerns. They went the extra mile to present my book as a legitimate and worthwhile read. I am so grateful for my experience working with such great people.

Lee A. Carter

Author: Leadership-in-Community

My gratitude and trust of Kharis Publishing continued to increase with each new encounter throughout the process of publication. From the beginning, my questions and concerns were addressed in a timely and respectful manner. The whole experience, from submitting my manuscript to seeing my story and illustrations published, is better than I ever imagined. I am honored to be included in their roster of authors. May God continue to guide and bless this unique publishing organization.   

Deborah Kuster

Author: Jake the Deer-Hearted

When I discovered Kharis Publishing I knew they were something special. Not only did their work stand out to me as an author, but their social mission was something dear to my heart.

Katie Piazza


Kharis Publishing has been a pleasure to work with. Not only have they produced our book with quality and consistency, they did so with the mission in mind. We salute Kharis Publishing and recommend that authors engage Kharis Publishing in their next project.

John Telman

Author: The Book of Easy Answer

While other publishers could not see past the unusual natural of my unique book project, Kharis Publishing took a chance on me and this unusual idea, and for that I am very grateful. They were very encouraging throughout the publishing process and the editor, Karen Herceg, was excellent in her suggestions, advice, and encouragement. On top of that, as an educator I love the fact that a portion of the proceeds of every book goes to provide orphans with literacy materials!

Dale Hathaway

Author: Mathematical Devotional

As an author who has worked with numerous publishers, I found Kharis Publishing’s acquisition process to be excellent. My proposal got a prompt response and as we brought The God Who Blesses to fruition, I received detailed and comprehensive guidelines on their expectations and needs. I will unhesitatingly consider working with Kharis on future projects.

Gordon S. Jackson 

Author: The God Who Blesses