SONNETS FOR THE SOUL: 31 Inspiring Sonnets for Daily Christian Living. Volume I

Some people don’t feel they’ve ever been loved or even feel that they are worthy of love. The Truth is, God loves you. You were chosen and His love is eternal and never ending. His love will fill and satisfy you until you become transformed by it. Sonnets for the Soul is a celebration of hope while encountering His grace through scripture. Sonnets for the Soul is God’s love letter to your mind, heart, soul, and body. Enjoy your journey through the 31 sonnets and have your heart awakened to your Father’s love for you.




Dawn Begin / by LtA. LtA is a certified Christian Life Coach and Bible-study author. LtA teaches with a particular focus on purposeful living involving how to love and live on God’s Word. LtA shares biblical truths with practical applications people can apply to their lives. God has provided LtA opportunities to minister to people and share the gospel in pragmatic ways through Christian Life Coaching by LtA