The Greatest Version of Yourself: A Journey Within by FEDERICO SIGGILLINO



Federico Siggillino: I am a young man from Northern Italy who like many others out there has experienced deep depression due to a failed love. As such, I touched the bottom of unhappiness myself. Through a slow but constant determination, I managed to adopt all those habits and develop interior strength to lead a happy and fulfilling existence once again. However, this was only possible because I, for one, had a deep desire to change, starting from within. Otherwise, this would have never been possible. The book itself is an invitation to think and act differently. To push to get out of one’s comfort zone, and live the one life we want and deserve

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The Greatest Version of Yourself: A Journey Within by FEDERICO SIGGILLINO The book, as the title suggests, is a journey to personal greatness, starting from within. It is the author’s belief that we, as humans, all have great potential. Unfortunately, such strength lies dormant (and for the majority of us, remains so forever). The Prologue, Introduction and nineteen chapters to follow can be seen as a step-by-step guide to walk the reader through this so-called path, starting from the inside. In fact, I strongly believe that only through self- awareness, change of habits, perseverance and determination, anyone is capable of becoming the greatest version of oneself. Sadly, only a tiny percentage of us nowadays achieves this state: a wonderful life worth living. Meanwhile for the rest, sadly life is all about survival and making it through the day: not something we really hoped and/or expected in our prime.

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