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Matthew Turner

Author: Count the Stars
Kanisha Parker

Kanisha Nashay Parker

Author: I'm God's Daughter
John Mwafise Woloko

John Mwafise Woloko

Author: The Bible vs. Theology
Julie Fillinger

Julie Fillinger

Author: Courage to Live
David Pearman and Ani Pearman

David Pearman, and Ani Pearman

Author: His Eye Is on the Sparrow
JOY Blessing

Joy Blessing

Author: DON’T DIE before YOU’RE DEAD
Jim Valekis

Jim Valekis

Author: The Christian in the Cult
Keven Baxter

Keven Baxter

Author: Kingdom in the Redwoods
Gary Lovejoy

Gary H. Lovejoy, Ph.D.

Author: Marriages in the Bible

Matt Aroney

Author: Renovated
David Motte

David B. Motte

Author: The Gift of Blarney
Angela guy

Angela Guy

Author: The Stepping Stones Of Spiritual Maturity